Louise (l_m_n) wrote in swuk,

Bit of a long shot...

Do any of you lovely people know of any genuine reputable Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders based in the South West?

I live in Bristol and am currently looking for a KC reg puppy and I haven't had much luck tracking down local breeders. I have been checking the litters listed on The Kennel Club and ChampDogs websites and have already contacted the secretary of The Western SBT Society (still waiting for a reply!) and I was just wondering if there are any other avenues I should be exploring or if you guys have some contacts that would be useful. I am well aware just how popular this breed is and extremely wary of the many ads online and in newspapers, finding a genuine breeder with a planned litter is my main priority right now (although it is difficult because Staff pups are cuteness!)

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice! :)
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