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what a palava, on my wedding day!

New indie/electro/alternative social club in Bristol!

Hello hello,

I am in the very early stages of starting an informal, all inclusive social network for everyone in the Bristol area wanting to explore Bristol's indie/rock/electro/alternative scene. The emphasis is very much on inclusiveness-once the group is up and running, everybody will have the opportunity to propose an outing to a club/gig that interests them.

Am currently in the process of getting an idea of initial numbers, but I am hoping in the next few weeks to organise a pub meet, with a visit to a promising looking nightspot potentially thrown in later in the evening. I'd hope to arrange regular outings to a wide variety of venues from then on (though as I said, once the club was up and running anyone would be free to organise a night!). Kind of like a university style indie/rock society, but aimed at non students and without a joining fee or any membership type formalities.

If any of this interests you or if you have any questions whatsoever, then please do either drop a comment or email me at pieupinthesky@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you!

Ellie x

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